ROXOR Offroad | Accessories


Our Design Team can personalize your ROXOR with virtually any custom color or wrap!*

Custom colors and wraps are subject to additional charges. Please see your Dealer for pricing. We reserve the right to refuse customization for any reason.

Custom Designed Bestop Bikini™ Top

Unlike typical, one-size-fits-all aftermarket enclosures that flap and sag, this bikini top is specifically tailored to ROXOR’s rollover protection system (ROPS). Our ultra-durable top features premium fabric, lightweight aluminum reinforcement and adjustable tension straps to prevent wind buffeting and ensure a tight, consistent fit that stays secure in even the toughest conditions. Custom-designed to accommodate all ROXOR accessories, this top will keep you cool enough to ride all day.

Part Number: 0117AUA00011N

MSRP: $179.99 USD

ROPS Grab Handles for Seamless Vehicle Entry

Our Grab Handles are a must for all serious riders. Another tough accessory that helps to complete the ROXOR package, these resilient, removable handles are designed to simplify ingress and egress and offer added security when traversing rugged terrain. Crafted with heavy-duty nylon and industrial Velcro, these handles feature a triple steel-ring fastening system to ensure consistent positioning.

Part Number: 2303CUA00041N

MSRP: $49.99 USD

Heavy Duty Front Bumper w/ Warn Winch

This no-nonsense combo ensures your ROXOR is able to go face to face with any obstacle on the trail. Our 11-guage, 1008/1010 cold rolled steel bumper features a simple 8-bolt attachment to make integration a cinch. The accompanying Warn winch makes this package a must-have for every owner who plans to push their ROXOR to the limit. This exclusive winch from the recognized leader in the industry is engineered specifically for our heavy-duty bumper package and boasts an 8,000 pull capacity and 12V DC motor. This package adds yet another rugged dynamic to ROXOR’S workhorse DNA.

Part Number: 0000AUA00621N

MSRP: $1,269.99 USD

Professional installation required

Kit Includes: Winch, HD Bumper, Mounting Plate, & Remote Control

Up-level AGM battery sold separately. Strongly recommend Exide AGM group 24 battery. This battery fits best in the vehicle and is available separately through an authorized ROXOR dealer. Only Exide brand battery has been confirmed to fit appropriately, use of non-Exide brand battery can pose a potential shorting risk to the battery terminals installed.

Stay Alert with Your ROXOR Side and Rearview Mirror Package

Improve visibility and make sure you know what’s coming with these shatter-proof, tempered glass mirrors. Engineered specifically for this vehicle, these mirrors are designed to work with ROXOR’S ROPS system and come equipped with high-impact ABS housing and break-away feature (side mirrors).

Part Number: 0109BUA00041N

MSRP: $67.99 USD

Make your ROXOR Shine with a 40” KC Light bar

Chase away the dark with this 150w, 24-lamp LED light bar from one of the most trusted component suppliers in the Side x Side industry. Specially adapted to fit ROXOR and integrate with both its wire harness and bikini top (above), this KC light bar features a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and is optimally resistant to dust, shock and vibration. Superior in efficiency and optics this light bar gives you the freedom to ride past sunset. 

Part Number: 1701DS200011N

MSRP: $439.99 USD

Tackle the Toughest Off-Road Terrain

The ROXOR Locking Differential kit won’t steer you wrong. Developed together with OX, this Made in the USA kit has everything you need to maximize off-road traction including: OX's torque locking side gear, cast differential cover, electric shifter with 48” cable and ROXOR specific gear bolts, side gears and spacer.

Rear Locking Differential
Part Number: 0502EUA00021N
MSRP: $1799.99 USD

Front Locking Differential
Part Number: 0502EUA00041N
MSRP: $1799.99 USD

Professional installation required


Made of the finest tin known to man, you will be the envy of the trails with the official ROXOR branded custom plate. Buy 2 for the front as well as the rear!

Part Number: 2302GUA00181N

MSRP: $9.99 USD

ROXOR Dual Pintle / Ball Hitch

ROXOR HD dual hitch to hook up and haul a real load. ROXOR can tow up to 3490lbs! Easy to install and a fully functional kit for that heavy-duty haul.

Part Number: 2302BUA00051N

MSRP: $189.99 USD

Warn Manual Locking Hubs

Lock the hubs in and be confident to play extra hard in the mud, dirt and sand! Easy install, manual operation for positive traction in the most demanding terrain and conditions!

Part Number: 0401DUA00011N

MSRP: $269.99 USD

Professional installation required

ROXOR Soft Full Cab Enclosure

Stay dry, clean, and warm when you need it! You’ll run your ROXOR through some tough terrain…be sure to protect you and your passengers with a soft full cab enclosure. Your washing machine will thank you. Front windshield required, sold separately.

Part Number: 2302FUA00061N

MSRP: $1,499.99 USD

Make Sure Your Mission Has Back UP

Rounding out our offering of spare wheel and tire kits, we have added 8 more combinations to compliment all vehicle configurations. A total of 12 kits are now available and include an easy to install mounting bracket, a lock to keep things secure and a 2-ton scissor jack with tools & storage bag.

For added piece of mind as you cut through even the roughest trails, order yours today.
Don’t forget to add a Spare Tire Cover (see below).

Multiple Spare Tire Kit Combinations are available:

    • Part Number: 0404AUA00081N
    • MSRP: $298.99 USD
    • Part Number: 0404AUA00111N
    • MSRP $360.99 USD
    • Part Number: 0404AUA00101N
    • MSRP $399.99 USD
    • Part Number: 0404AUA00071N
    • MSRP: $429.99 USD
    • Part Number: 0404AUA00131N
    • MSRP: $344.99 USD
    • Part Number: 0404AUA00141N
    • MSRP: $413.99 USD
    • Part Number: 0404AUA00201N
    • MSRP: $336.99 USD
    • Part Number: 0404AUA00281N
    • MSRP: $454.99 USD
    • Part Number: 0404AUA00231N
    • MSRP: $439.99 USD
    • Part Number: 0404AUA00191N
    • MSRP: $336.99 USD
    • Part Number: 0404AUA00211N
    • MSRP: $454.99 USD
    • Part Number: 0404AUA00221N
    • MSRP: $439.99 USD

For Added Protection Against the Elements

You will want this sturdy one-piece roof system. Made of rugged, textured thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), the top measures 62”x 56”x 6.5”, weighs approx. 35 lbs. and includes attachment hardware.

Part Number: 0101DUA00011N

MSRP: $579.99 USD

Military-Grade Windshield Offers Optimum Protection and Clarity

Using military-grade LEXAN™ MARGARD™ material this single-sided, hard-coated polycarbonate windshield provides both optimum abrasion-resistance and crystal-clear visibility on the trail. Don’t let gravel, rocks or limbs spoil your ride, stay confident and protected behind one of the toughest windshields in the industry.

Part Number: 0111AUA00071N

MSRP: $749.99 USD

ROXOR Heater Kit

This Kit comes with EVERYTHING you need to warm you in your ROXOR including: heater core and fan, heater hose, hose splicers, hose clamps, mounting bolts/brackets, switch & wiring.

These heaters are manufactured in the USA and have 16000 BTU’s!

Part Number: 0000AUA01220N

MSRP: $349.99 USD

Available for DIY or Dealer Installation

Oil Pan Skid Plate

Stay protected when pushing your ROXOR to the limit with this custom-made skid plate. Armor for your oil pan, this plate is made from 6061 T6 aluminum and comes painted in a durable “Mahindra” red powder-coat finish. Skid plate will mount to existing engine block locations while preserving drain-hole accessibility. The 3-piece kit comes will all fasteners and includes mounting access for sump heater cables.

Part Number: 0206AUA00181N

MSRP: $174.99 USD


Be ready for even the roughest terrain with our up-level bumper and stinger bar package. This “tusk” for your ROXOR is made of heavy-duty steel and comes with a kit that includes a mounting plate and all fasteners to mount to existing body locating points.

Part Number: 2302AUA00131N

MSRP: $459.99 USD

Matte Black Hood Decal

Dark and distinctive, this black hood stripe both elevates the style and adds an element of “bad” to your ride. Featuring the ROXOR logo in its lower left-hand corner this graphic can be professionally applied at your local dealer or ordered directly from the factory.

Part Number: 2302GUA00101N

MSRP: $149.99 USD

Professional installation required

Orange Matte Grille

Set your ROXOR apart with this coolly-defined grille painted in matte finish to perfectly contrast vehicle finish. Pairing this matte grille with Real Tree or Mossy Oak Break – Up graphics creates a cohesive and dynamic combo suited for any adventure.

Part Number: 2302DUA00211N

MSRP: $195.99 USD

Black Matte Grille

This grille is a favorite of riders seeking an added touch of dark style for their ride. Our matte finish has been formulated to expertly contrast your vehicle’s body finish to create a two-tone look sure to turn heads. For added effect pair with Real Tree or Mossy Oak Break – Up graphics.

Part Number: 2302DUA00201N

MSRP: $195.99 USD

Camo Grille

Be sure to disappear completely into the forest with this camo grille. Crafted specifically to complement your full camo ROXOR, this grille finishes off a package that will make your ride all but invisible. Available in Real Tree and Mossy Oak Break – Up.

Real Tree Part Number: 2302GUA00571N

MSRP: $145.99 USD

Mossy Oak Break – Up Part Number: 2302GUA00581N

MSRP: $145.99 USD

ROXOR-Kolpin Rhino Grip

From an off-road accessory provider with a reputation for superior strength and toughness, these Kolpin Rhino grips feature rubber, over-molded heavy-duty nylon, offer up to 15lbs of carrying strength, and can be quick-mounted to your ROXOR’s diagonal ROPS system. Accompanied by hardware and mounting plates, these grips (2) have a 360 ° base—tilts 160° in 40°—and can be easily removed when needed. From crossbows to fishing poles, to shovels and farm tools, these grips ensure your gear isn’t going anywhere, even if your ROXOR is.

Part Number: 2303CUA00021N

MSRP: $34.99 USD

Spare Tire Cover

For an added reminder to anyone on your ROXOR’s tail, be sure to outfit your ride this “DDAS” spare cover. For both added style and advice that never gets old, order this exclusive ROXOR cover.

Part Number: 0404BUA00041N

MSRP: $65.99 USD

D Ring Mounts

Get out of tough spots and make your ROXOR even more capable with these mounts made from 1010-1018 cold-rolled steel (CRS). 20 mm thick pivot plates welded to 10mm mounting plates these D-ring mounts come in a black powder-coat, semi-gloss wrinkle finish and are made specifically for ROXOR’s up-level bumper. With a sub 30-minute install time, you can bolt these mounts to your ROXOR’s box frame (using the included MI10 fasteners) and be ready to hit the trail in no time! 

Part Number: 2302AUA00151N

MSRP: $115.99 USD

Military Graphics

One of the longest running myths about military vehicles is the idea that somewhere, somehow you could buy a vehicle in a crate for $50. This idea has been around now at least since WW II. Now is your chance to make that myth a reality with the new modern day ROXOR off roader, configured with this Military package. It has the look of the past with the toughest chassis and powertrain offered in any off road SXS today. This package boasts a military theme complete with tire pressure decals over each tire, just like the original that Mahindra built in the 40’s and 50’s! Configure yours today at! Crate not included.

Part Number: 2302GUA00551N

MSRP: $199.99 USD

Professional installation required

P-40 Graphics

These fierce graphics are styled after the Curtiss P-40 Flying Tiger World War II plane and will transform your ROXOR into a visually distinctive, attention-grabbing beast. Uncage the Tiger and let it feast on the trail!

Part Number: 2302GUA00111N

MSRP: $599.99 USD

Professional installation required

Windshield Wipers

Dual wiper system developed specifically for our Lexan MR 10 polycarbonate – hard coat windshield. Comes with robust 12 V motors with integrated on/off switch for independent control. Kit comes with wire harness, locating template, all necessary fasteners and instructions for a professional installation.

Part Number: 0116EUA00011N

MSRP: $463.99 USD


The Ultimate ROXOR Accessory for your soft cabin enclosure and heater is our new Defroster kit. The Defroster kit allows to control the climate inside the cab with adjustable floor vents and a big sweeping windshield vent to help keep your windshield clear. (Heater sold separately).

Part Number: 1202AAA00380N

MSRP: $109.99 USD

Professional installation required


ROXOR has teamed up with Western, Fisher and SnowEx plow systems, to provide you this bolt on snow plow mounting kit and is designed for fast and easy installation. Using a simple, mechanical, bolt on system, this system comes complete with blade mount, vehicle harness, and fasteners. This kit was designed to fit exclusively with Western, Fisher and SnowEx UTV blades, each offering a straight and V blade, that are professional grade, compact and easy to install. With this kit, and your choice of blade, you have all you need to maintain the winter snow! (Blade sold separately.)

Part Number: 2302DUA00251N

MSRP: $539.99 USD

Professional installation required

Fisher Snow Plows SnowEx Snow Plows Western Snow Plows


The ROXOR/MTX universal 6 speaker all weather sound bar with Bluetooth is an outdoor, weather-resistant, and super-rugged universal solution that is designed to deliver exceptional audio quality to your ROXOR. This all-in-one unit includes six total speakers. Your new ROXOR MTX easily washes off when you’re done having fun in the mud.

Part Number: 1503AUA00031N

MSRP: $299.99 USD

Required harness sold separately.

1801CUA00041N sound bar only – MSRP $20.99 USD

1801CUA00021N sound and light bar – MSRP $36.99 USD

Rear Cargo ROPS (Roll Over Protection System)

Get ready to haul that big load with ease – ROPS available for the rear cargo area helps contain the haul when you’re loaded up. Easy to install and comes standard with ROXOR strength. Available as accessory or factory install.

Part Number: 0101AUA00371N

MSRP: $1049.99 USD

BILSTEIN Shock Absorbers

Long durability, and the control you need even in rough terrain. The Roxor Specific BILSTEIN shock absorber offers BILSTEIN’s legendary monotube gas pressure design and world class performance for high driving dynamics and a perfect off-road experience. Pricing includes kit of 4. Available as accessory or factory install.

Part Number: 0403AAA04091N

MSRP: $406.99 USD

Solid Half Doors

These solid half doors are black powder coated and have a durable steel frame structure. They include an Interior molle panel for mounting storage accessories and an exterior UV protected black ABS panel with textured finish. The doors also have a wide opening for ease of ingress / egress, an easy to use pull latch requiring no vehicle modifications, and hinges designed to easily mount to the holes currently on the ROXOR. The splash guard is quick & easy to install and the exterior panels are easy to attach & replace. Available as accessory or factory install.

Part Number: 0103AUA00291N

MSRP: $699.99 USD

Meyer/KFI Plow Adapter

ROXOR has teamed up with Meyer and KFI plow systems to provide a bolt-on snow plow mounting kit designed for fast and easy installation. Using a simple, mechanical, bolt-on system, this kit comes complete with blade mount and fasteners. The system is designed to fit exclusively with Meyer and KFI blades, compact and easy to install. All you do is choose your blade and you have all you need to maintain the winter snow! Professional installation required.
(Blade sold separately.)

Meyer Home Plow 23250

KFI Snow Plow 105872

Part Number: 2302DUA00231N

MSRP: $919.99 USD


USA Standards Spartan Locker® provides reliable traction off road, on the street and on the trails. The Spartan Locker is designed with a revolutionary spring and pin design that makes installation a snap. The Spartan locker replaces the original spider gears in open differential cases and provides 100% lockup for immediate traction. Spartan Lockers are made from heat treated 9310 steel with a patented spring design that makes installation and removal much easier than other designs. Deep heat treating & attention to tooth design provides long life and higher strength. The Spartan Locker eliminates the need for thrush washers and can be installed with ease. Spartan Locker® kit will work on either front or rear. Professional installation required

Part Number: 0502AUA00041N

MSRP: $449.99 USD for either front or rear; $899.99 USD for both front and rear

2" Receiver Accessory Mount

You’ll need heavy-duty hitching for your heavy-duty haul. Now available for your new ROXOR, 2” Receiver Accessory Mount that meets ROXOR's towing capacity. This HD receiver allows the mounting of many accessories including:

Heavy Duty tailgate salt spreader


Wire unroller. Think of this as a part that allows you to mount a big spool of barbed wire fencing and as you mend a fence, it unrolls the wire as you drive along the fence line.

Tow behind salt spreader, fertilizer spreader, mower, etc.

Hitch mounted cargo carrier (you see them attached to the back of vans and SUVs carrying luggage or coolers…).

Max trailer weight: 3500 lbs.

Max tongue load: 349 lbs.

Max vehicle tow speed: 15 mph.

Part Number: 0000AUA01611N

MSRP: $419.99 USD


  • Specifically designed for the ROXOR with numerous patented features including rubber torsion and torque suspension as well as track and tread design. The zRX is a true all terrain track system that provides optimum vehicle clearance while keeping the track system centered on the axles.
  • The ROXOR with the zRX improves traction, ground clearance, reduces compaction, and provides improved flotation for soft terrain.
  • Built to be ROXOR tough, the Mattracks zRX Rubber Track Conversion System is proudly engineered, designed and built in the U.S.
  • Please note, only operate with open front differentials. The OX locking differential in the rear is acceptable. Do not operate with front lockers, disconnected front hubs or lunchbox lockers of any kind.
  • Periodic monitoring steering system bolt torques is recommended. Static steering on pavement should be avoided.
  • Order lead time is 6-8 weeks.
  • Visit for additional specifications.

Part Number: 0404BUA00051N

MSRP: $16,995 USD

Dealer Install Only

Full Hard Cab with AC and Heat

For added occupant protection and comfort, install this premium lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum cab enclosure. Finished in textured black powder coat paint, the total weather seal design provides a barrier from rain, snow, dust, moisture and external noise. Features include:

  • Durable, rust proof aluminum construction.
  • Quantum coated polycarbonate venting windshield with robust dual wiper and washer system.
  • Hinged doors with automotive-style lockable latches, safety glass sliders and heavy-duty gas struts.
  • Rear panel features a large safety glass window for expanded visibility.
  • Stylish, low-profile rooftop A/C System with enough clearance to park in most standard garages. A/C system is self-contained and powered by an auxiliary 135 Amp alternator that puts out 12,000 BTUs.
  • Optional 20,000 BTU under-dash heater kit with two 360-degree adjustable upward facing louvers for full windshield defrost. Two additional adjustable downward facing outlets provide even heat distribution throughout the cab. Interior and exterior side view mirrors standard.
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.
  • Dealer Install Only

Full Hard Cab Enclosure only

  • Part Number: 2302FUA00081N
  • MSRP: $5,899.99 USD

Full Hard Cab Enclosure w/ AC

  • Part Number: 2302FUA00111N
  • MSRP: $9,999.99 USD

Add on Heater

  • Part Number: 1202BUA00031N
  • MSRP: $939.99 USD


Show your pride and love of country with this hood graphic outlining the first paragraph of our Pledge of Allegiance. Accented by the stars patterned from our flag, you’ll ride with pride through the woods or in a parade.

Part Number: 2302GUA01261N-KDB

Dealer Install MSRP: $129.99 USD

Plant Install MSRP: $149.99 USD


For those who may need an extra “leg up” these lightweight side-step bars require no drilling and mounting to existing holes in your ROXOR’s body. Steps (2) come in a black finish and include all necessary fasteners.

Part Number: 2302CUA00151N-001

Dealer Install MSRP: $24.99 USD

Plant Install MSRP: $36.99 USD


You have it on your ROXOR’s tail, now add it to both sides. Coming and going the advice is the same, “DDAS” door graphics are made specifically for our solid half doors.

Part Number: 2302GUA01251N-KDA

Dealer Install MSRP: $43.99 USD

Plant Install MSRP: $36.99 USD


Add another level of personalization to your ROXOR with our custom-fit seat covers. Initially available in black, Realtree camo and Mossy Oak camo – as shown below – these are the first in a series of replacement covers and slip covers planned for the future. Developed in our own trim shop, the covers are constructed with foam laminated, marine grade vinyl and feature pronounced inserts and contrasting stitching. The camo covers feature high-strength Cordura™ nylon fabric known for its dense weave and resistance to wear and tear and finished with contrasting stitching in black or orange. All covers come with a ROXOR badge on the headrests. Sold as a set of 2, they’re dealer install only and require the removal of existing seat covers. Installation time is approximately one hour per set.


SEAT COVER - BLACK (2) | 2401AUA00341N | $255.99

SEAT COVER - REALTREE ORANGE (2) | 2401AUA00351N | $305.99

SEAT COVER - REALTREE BLACK (2) | 2401AUA00361N | $305.99

SEAT COVER - MOSSY OAK BLACK (2) | 2401AUA00381N | $305.99

SEAT COVER - MOSSY OAK ORANGE (2) | 2401AUA00371N | $305.99

Install Time: 1 hour

ROXwrap Graphics

Created exclusively in house, these new graphics are a camo pattern that incorporates the ROXOR brand/logo in the design. We have created these in 4 different color variations to capture changing seasons and conditions. Each package is a “full wrap” consisting of 13 pieces and work best with the following body colors – matte finish recommended: Sand under Desert Sand graphics, Olive under Forest Green graphics, White under Glacier White graphics and Black under Stealth Black.


ROXwrap - DESERT SAND | 2302GUA01081N-KC2 | $729.99

ROXwrap - FOREST GREEN | 2302GUA01081N-KC4 | $729.99

ROXwrap - GLACIER WHITE | 2302GUA01081N-KC5 | $729.99

ROXwrap - STEALTH BLACK | 2302GUA01081N-KC6 | $729.99


ROXwrap - DESERT SAND | 2302GUA01081N-KC2 | $1,199.99

ROXwrap - FOREST GREEN | 2302GUA01081N-KC4 | $1,199.99

ROXwrap - GLACIER WHITE | 2302GUA01081N-KC5 | $1,199.99

ROXwrap - STEALTH BLACK | 2302GUA01081N-KC6 | $1,199.99

Install Time: 3 – 4 Hours

ROXOR Camo Wraps

Climb inside this off-road beast and get ready for the best hunting season of your life.

Whether concealed in a blind at the bank of a river or perched like a hawk at the edge of a cliff, your ROXOR will get you there.

RealTree Max-5

RealTree Max-5

Part Number: 2302GUA00521N

MSRP: $1,199.99 USD

RealTree Max-5: Orange

Part Number: 2302GUA00501N

MSRP: $1,199.99 USD

Mossy Oak Break – Up

Mossy Oak Break – Up: Black

Part Number: 2302GUA00531N

MSRP: $1,199.99 USD

Mossy Oak Break – Up: Orange

Part Number: 2302GUA00371N

MSRP: $1,199.99 USD

Recommended with custom olive drab or sand color.