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Part Number: 0000AUA01601N

MSRP: $459.99 USD

Category: Bumpers, Winches & Receivers

How equipment hitches a ride.

Get equipped for heavy-duty hauling with this Receiver Accessory Mount that meets ROXOR's towing capacity. This HD receiver allows the mounting of many accessories including:

Heavy Duty tailgate salt spreader


Wire unroller. Think of this as a part that allows you to mount a big spool of barbed wire fencing and as you mend a fence, it unrolls the wire as you drive along the fence line.

Tow behind salt spreader, fertilizer spreader, mower, etc.

Hitch mounted cargo carrier (you see them attached to the back of vans and SUVs carrying luggage or coolers…).

Max trailer weight: 3500 lbs.

Max tongue load: 349 lbs.

Max vehicle tow speed: 15 mph.