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Part Number: 11AC00001559

MSRP: $2,404.99 USD


Part Number: 11AC00001580

MSRP: $1,794.99 USD

Category: Cargo

Introducing the exclusive ROXOR Stakebox Rear Cargo System. Sturdy, versatile and stylish with weather-treated wood is ROXORbranded and configurable. It’s also designed to conveniently and easily add on to the bed of any ROXOR. The stake sides and gate are removable for easy loading and unloading. Not to mention, you can open the tailgate door for even more storage underneath the removable ROX-coated aluminum floor. So, now you can really haul off in ROXOR! Available as a complete kit or individual building blocks to customize to your exact needs. The only thing it requires is the ROXOR Pick-up ROPS option. 

The Stakebox is available in a complete kit or as individual components as shown below.

Suggested Configurations:

*Please be advised that our wood-based products can not be shipped outside the contiguous United States. Currently, our wood stake sides, wood gate, and wood bulkhead can not be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada, thanks for your understanding.

**WARNING: To avoid risk of serious injury or death, the accessory rails should only be used in conjunction with one of occupant protecting bulkheads listed: P/N: 11AC00001560, 11AC00001563, 11AC00001578 (Coming Soon).