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Part Number: 11AC00001542

MSRP: $667.99 USD

*Requires Rear ROPS: Part Number 0101AUA00371N

Category: Interior

Expand the use of your ROXOR with these Side-Facing Rear Seats. 

Mahindra’s side-facing bench seats have been designed and developed by our engineers to maximize the rear cargo area to seat two additional passengers (one for each seat). With this kit, your ROXOR will become a fun multi-passenger vehicle built for adventure. The kit comes with lap belts, seat cushions & frames, and all required hardware. 

Seat cushion is 35 1/8 x 12 ¾. Seat back 28 ¾ x 10 5/8.

*Not compatible with any full soft or hard enclosure.

NOTICE: This seat system is not an ANSI/ROHVA compliant accessory. For an ANSI/ROHVA compliant accessory, use ROXOR Forward Facing Rear Seat.
WARNING: Do not exceed 25 MPH when using this seating system. Only use for short term transport on even terrain. Use seat, seat back and seat belt together. Failure to use in this manner may cause serious injury or death.