By Eric Anderson

Founded by Dave and Sue Frey, Adventure Vet is a not-for-profit organization that delivers outdoor activities including motorcycling and off-roading to wounded or amputee combat veterans. They are located in the mecca of off-road and side-by-side adventures: Moab, Utah, and provide life-changing, life-saving and holistic wellness programs to vets. Besides river rafting, hiking and horseback riding in and around the red cliffs, ROXORing has become a new activity following the donation of two units from Mahindra Automotive North America. The sponsorship will allow veterans to more fully enjoy the rugged back country in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

“It’s an honor to be associated with Adventure Vet and the great work they’re doing, and of course the returning veterans who visit this incredible location,” stated Mr. Richard Ansell, Vice President of Marketing for MANA. “We want to do our part to assist returning vets, many of whom face significant challenges,” Ansell said. "We hope getting these guys back on the trails will aid in their recovery.” Founder and President of Adventure Vet, Mr. Dave Frey, agreed and stated, “We welcome Mahindra and the off-road adventure experience they’ll be giving our vets in a rugged and beautiful environment – one more step on the road to helping them feel alive and fulfilled.”

Dave and Sue also manage and organize the Veteran’s Charity Ride to Sturgis each year. Adding a couple of off-road 4-wheel drive ROXORs to the fleet certainly added a new year-round dimension allowing vets with disabilities to enjoy the incredible natural attractions provided by a place as unique as Moab. In addition to off-road excursions, AdventureVet provides WellVet, a healthy and nutritious diet plan tailored to veterans individual needs, combined with physical therapy, exercise and twice daily Kaqun oxygen water therapy, treatments for alleviation of stress, physical pain and to get the body and mind back into a healthy condition.

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