By Eric Anderson

This state has always been “adventure headquarters” to those of us living in the Lower 48. Fire and Ice, Land of the Midnight Sun, and North to the Future are all mottos for this exotic wonderland. Hunt, fish, ride, drive, hike and explore—it’s all there and more. The ROXOR dealer, Alaska Mining and Diving, already knows all this… which is why they love selling them. It’s the most durable vehicle for the most rugged state in the Union.

The Alyeska Ski Resort, in Girdwood, Alaska, decided to test a rugged vehicle with more carrying capacity—something to carry firewood, slalom racecourse poles, emergency rescue equipment including an oxygen tank, first aid kit and a backboard. Our host, Nick Olzenak, lined up some maintenance work for our Mattracks-equipped ROXOR, which regular snowmobiles just couldn’t do. Send in the ROXORs!!

First Priority: Trail Maintenance – If you want skiing customers to make it safely to your resort, then you’re going to have to clear the trails. The massive snowplowing equipment sometimes needs a “scout” to run in front to make sure there are no downed trees, fallen boulders, or obstacles that need to be cleared. Our track-laying ROXOR worked great as a tender for the snowblower, which could have literally swallowed a horse.

Before this gigantic snowblower could clear the way, it needed an escort vehicle to run ahead and scout where the hazards were and where it could turn around.
Running first down a freshly cleared path behind the massive snowblower.

Next Up: Ski Patrol – On the hill, the Alyeska Ski Patrol used our ROXOR to shuttle maintenance crews and their tools up to the chairlift towers to perform safety inspections. It also helped deliver slalom poles to the race areas and safety fences to the danger zones. The ROXOR hauls more gear than a snow machine (Alaskan term for snowmobile) and provides a warm interior with a BESTOP Soft Enclosure, along with the Vintage HVAC System.

A heated ROXOR makes ski lift tower maintenance much easier than a snow machine.
Ski slope maintenance just got easier. No snow machine needed.

Finale: Play Time – We capped off the adventure with some fun…

Have you ever skijored behind a dog or a horse? How about a ROXOR?!
Nick drove it out to the backwoods for a quick hunt on the way home from work.

As you can see, ROXOR was more than capable of getting those jobs done. Living in Alaska 24/365 has previously required a fleet of specialized vehicles for the seasons. Now, with a set of Mattracks, a ROXOR can be used year-round: wheels for April to November and tracks for all the snowbound months. The manufacturer also reminded us that their tracks work in all sorts of soft surfaces and can even be driven on rocks. We discovered these claims were true during a side adventure into an old gold mine.

The Mattracks work on rocks and dirt as well as they do snow. The WARN winch was used several times to pull out wheeled vehicles along the trail.
Nothing stops this beast! Not snow, rocks or rivers!

The ROXOR impressed everyone who saw or drove it. This off-road work vehicle is simple, durable and versatile for all sorts of work and fun throughout the year. ROXORs are Alaska bound!