By Eric Anderson

Christmas means cowboy time in Las Vegas and ROXOR is saddled up! During the first few weeks of December, Sin City becomes inundated with big hats, brass buckles, muddy boots and ten thousand horses. All kinds of horses… Along with a few calves and a couple 3000 lbs bulls too. Tons of events happen concurrently during this time: Cowboy Christmas at the Las Vegas Convention Center, World Series Team Roping (WSTR) at Southpoint Hotel and Casino and the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) at the Thomas and Mack Center UNLV Arena. The entire city is packed with dually-diesel trucks pulling triple-axle horse trailers from as far away as Florida and New York. If you’re a world-class cutting horse, bucking bronco, team roper, barrel racer or calf roper, you and your owner are probably in Las Vegas this time of year.

It’s rodeo madness!!

Most of my time was spent at WSTR – Eight thousand horses pile into Southpoint, one of the finest equestrian arenas in the world, making it the second largest equine event, next to the Breeder’s Cup. Teams consist of a steer and two ropers, a header and a heeler, who will compete to hit the “big bucks” prize money. Traditionally, team roping is a betting sport, but you don’t always have to be a professional to hit the “money.” WSTR has now employed a handicap system that allows amateurs to compete on the same level as the pros. Collected data from all the regional competitions helps prevent anyone, pro or hobbyist, from “sandbagging” which makes it fair for everyone to take home a piece of the millions up for grabs.

ROXOR now sponsors this particular national team roping event and we’re happy to be here. Joined by rope, saddle and apparel brands, we helped move cowboys, cowgirls and spectators. Volunteers drove 4 special units back and forth from the main indoor stage to the outdoor qualifying arenas with an off-road shuttle system. Also, more than 5 ROXORs have been given away in regional competitions leading up to the finals.

Lorry Merritt of WSTR and Dan Proffer of ROXOR & Mahindra Automotive North America are “Mission: Ready” for 7 days of world class team roping at Southpoint and over $2MM of prizes to give away.

It seems more and more cowboys and ranchers are taking a real liking to ROXOR, because let’s face it, if you own horses and calves to rope… you probably own land. Hauling hay, parking trailers or riding fence make sense for an all steel-bodied, boxed-frame, turbo-diesel workhorse. There is no plastic body, aluminum tubular frame or CVT belt to repair or replace, making ROXOR the “first choice” to explore anywhere and endure any punishment.

Team Ropers love the ROXOR because it's quiet, torquey, and makes life easy for their horses.

If you have a ranch or a farm, you understand the need for simplicity and durability. This machine has tons of torque. It’s not built to leap sand dunes in a single bound, but it is engineered to haul trailer-loads every day for decades. Need to pull stumps out of the south 40? How about tensioning a fence or winching a dead tree out of the creek bed? Call in Team ROXOR. Our beast also makes horse tending convenient and easy, right down to pressure-washing out our standard-equipped ROX-lined inner bed and passenger compartments.

ROX-Lined Inner Bed make the ROXOR easy to clean!

This is not a short-lived recreational machine with a 4 year lifespan—this is an investment you can leave to your grandchildren!

ROXOR - Count on it! And Cowboy On!