Next time you plan on going off the grid in your Mahindra ROXOR, be prepared. Any sort of rescue could be hours or days away and that assumes you have communication with civilization via cell phone or satellite tracker. Here are a couple of off-road expedition quick tips for your next side-by-side adventure:

TIP #1

No explanation needed.

TIP #2

Build your own survivial kit so you KNOW what's in it. If you buy it pre-assembled, take it apart and put it back together BEFORE you leave.

TIP #3

Begin the vehicle prep... with a checklist and a plan. Spare tire is next.


TIP #4

These waterproof duffels by Wolfman work great to keep everything dry and dust-free.

Tip #5

Shovel, axe, Hi-Lift jack. Tuff-tubs or waterproof duffle bags work best for storage and double as camp seats and pillows.

Tip #6

The Garmin InReach or SPOT Gen 3 devices use satellites to communicate and request emergency help from anywhere. The InReach allows real time texting plus tracking to loved ones. 

Tip #7

Murphy's Law works faster when off-road and far away from civilization. Be prepared for anything.

Tip #8

How to pack the cargo area so nothing “shakes and vibrates” excessively. Tie-downs and cargo net are next.

Tip #9

The only belt you will ever need for a ROXOR is one to hold up your pants. The manual, 5-speed automotive-grade transmission doesn’t need a spare CVT belt like other UTVs.

Download an Expedition Checklist
so you always have it before dropping out or going native in your Mahindra ROXOR off-road vehicle!