By Eric Anderson

“The ROXOR is built to take a beating and keep on competing. It’s not the most sophisticated vehicle on the planet, and for good reason... it’s designed to be as reliable as an anvil.” - Ned Bacon

Ned Bacon and his wife, Kat, have been off-roaders all their lives, participating in many endurance events in the western hemisphere, together as driver and navigator. Their specialty is off-road rally’s where the driver and co-driver work together to make sure they stay on track without the assistance of a GPS, using only route notes and a road book with landmarks, mileages and compass headings.

Ned and Kat Bacon at the Sonora Rally
NOTE: Vehicle modified and owned by Ned Bacon. Follow all local, state and federal laws when using and modifying your ROXOR.

This Spring, the Bacons entered the Sonora Rally - a five day cross-country stage rally that races across some of the toughest desert in North America. A great place to shake down their new Mahindra ROXOR in preparation for the NORRA Mexican 1000 - another legendary off-road event that traverses the entire peninsula of Baja California.

Like most things, preparation is all important and Ned started to work on his bone-stock ROXOR five months before the event by adding lots of accessories and special equipment for rallying. This included a new rollcage, custom seats, gas-charged shocks, additional leaves in the leaf springs, a snorkel, a differential locker, navigation equipment, tool boxes and some custom shake-proof cup holders. It’s the little touches that make life just a bit nicer when you are beating your bodies and vehicle up to 18 hours a day in the dust and rocks…day after day after day. Rallying is a true test of body, mind, soul and vehicle.

The Sonora Rally was the first true test, taking place on the mainland of Mexico, just south of the border. Sand dunes were everywhere so the winch and “pull-pal” got a lot of use. In most cases it was the tortoise-like ROXOR rescuing the hare-like competition from breakdowns and crashes. Team Subaru loved the ROXOR after suffering a mechanical breakdown deep in the dunes and being towed out for two hours. Sure, it slows down the ROXOR’s finishing time, but the Bacons are not in this sport to win their class - they are in it for the fun, adventure and friends!

Stay tuned for Part 2 to learn how ROXOR finished in the NORRA Mexican 1000!

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