By Eric Anderson

Ned Bacon, ROXOR Off-Road Rally Driver

Our goal is never to win any podium placement, just finish the race, have fun and want to do it again,” explains Ned Bacon. “So far, that strategy has seen us on the podium three times, with big grins, because we always have fun in a NORRA event. We always can’t wait for the following year to do it again.

For the NORRA Mexican 1000, Ned traded out his Mahindra ROXOR' co-pilot, Kat, for the seasoned Bryan Lutz. Their goal... to drive the ROXOR across the finish line in one piece!

Bryan Lutz, Ned's co-pilot for the NORRA Mexican 1000

The start was a big fiesta in Ensenada, Mexico, where ROXOR marched straight to the front of the contingency and tech inspection line as they were in the “Legends” class. Which means they would leave the line last, with the other vintage vehicles.

The dirt roads and trails were thoroughly “broken in” by the time the Race ROXOR cruised through in hyper-drive. It was a long, long rally - especially Stage 3 where Ned and Bryan finished at 11 at night. The hungry duo ravaged the buffet before a shower and bed only to wake up with Montezuma’s Revenge. Hey - that’s racing in Baja!

Crossing a check point in the NORRA Mexican 1000

The finish line in Cabo San Lucas was sweet! Lots of beer washed down the dust while their ROXOR sat in wait for the long drive back to Ensenada up Highway 1. That’s right, no auto carrier or trailer for this crew. Ned and Bryan jumped back in the ROXOR the next day and headed north for 1,100 miles back to Ensenada.

Ned and Bryan celebrate with their loved ones at the finish line of the NORRA Mexican 1000

The tortoise finished. Maybe not at the head of the pack, but they made it to the finish line without any mechanical gremlins, proving the ROXOR is one tough hombre!

Ned Bacon's Facebook Testimonial:

“The Race ROXOR finishes the NORRA Mexican 1000!!! After five gruelingly long days, including food poisoning on day four, Bryan Lutz and I rolled across the finish line yesterday here in San Jose del Cabo, completing every mile of this 1,250 mile off-road race down the Baja peninsula. It was a rough ride, but our trusty Mahindra ROXOR seemed to take it all in stride, covering the entire race with zero mechanical issues! We never took a tool out of the bag all week! The rough roads here in Mexico are akin to roads in India where the ROXOR hails from. I guess it just felt at home and shrugged it all off. Tonight will be the awards banquet where we’ll see where we wound up in the standings... then tomorrow, I will start the drive back towards the border, 1,100 miles north up the highway, the ROXOR none the worst for wear!”

NOTE: Vehicle modified and owned by Ned Bacon. Follow all local, state and federal laws when using and modifying your ROXOR.

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