By Eric Anderson

Stand aside, men!

Mahindra ROXORs were built for all off-roaders - no matter the gender - with their simple operation, durable design, spacious seating, torquey motor and easy entry/exit. They aren’t claustrophobic like many other side-by-sides and they don’t look like a spaceship that just landed in your driveway either. Now, let’s have some fun!

The original mil-spec vehicles built by Mahindra in the 1950s were super simple, reliable and easy to use. Many of those fundamental features remain in today’s ROXOR design 75 years later, making simple maintenance, cost of operation and “smiles per mile” big advantages over the competition subscribing to “planned obsolescence.” Many women who test drive and now own a ROXOR subscribe to “planned timelessness,” saying they don’t need to outperform the competition in a field of racers but prefer to “smell the roses” while challenging themselves in fun, scenic off-road trails and roads.

Sure, there are women racers out there like Kat Bacon who co-drove a ROXOR with her husband Ned in the recent Sonora Rally.

“It feels… and is… rugged and reliable. I know we are going to make it to the finish line in a ROXOR even if we aren’t on the podium,” says Kat with a dusty smile inside her helmet. “It’s so easy and comfortable to hop in and go,” say many woman drivers, “plus, it’s so torquey the manual transmission is almost impossible to stall.”

Other women claim the ROXOR instills confidence with its low gearing that ensures it will make it up any hill.

“It’s so quiet and I love the look of it,” says Judy at an off-road event in the West.“It is timeless, sporty, and never becomes outdated. This is exactly the type of vehicle I prefer instead of the over-engineered, over-designed, ultra-modern off-road vehicles available elsewhere. It’s the dirt, for heaven’s sake, so don’t expect me to want to drive a Lambo-rghini-styled UTV.”

“I am going to own my ROXOR for a long, long time. I may even leave it in my will to my grandchildren,” says Jen. Women really do love their ROXORs now… and for decades to come.

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