By Eric Anderson

There are too many choices of snowplows out there! It was confusing to me when shopping for the right sized machine/plow combination. I have a long, narrow driveway with very little runoff, but the combo still had to have enough “push” to plow the oversized neighborhood parking lot and driveways. The old UTV had been doing the job previously but strained and slipped under big blade bites. It was time to see if the new ROXOR and a 72” KFI winch-operated system could do a better job this year.

ROXOR's smaller (for non-hydraulic) snowplow bracket was just right for my property and neighborhood rescue application...enabling me to "trim" a tight driveway or "push" acres of snow across the parking lot. It was true versatility... with a single, affordable plow that could attach or detach in under 60 seconds. Plus, this Pro Poly blade from KFI was a new experience—nothing ever sticks to it! It’s like PAM skillet spray was on the blade so it literally “shot” the snow off to the side so much easier than with the old UTV/metal plow combo. It was probably also the extra torque the ROXOR provided that made the jobs easier and faster. Zip, zip, zip and I was DONE!!

The ROXOR plow mount, push bar and blade make a great solution for under $1600. This rig will also be used to clear the trails and the neighbors’ driveways in exchange for hot cocoa. And once the ROXOR is up-fitted with an enclosure, the driver won’t even need that.

BEFORE: Fun-Horse
AFTER: Workhorse

The bracket is available at ROXOR dealers and will replace the heavy-duty bumper surrounding the winch. The heavy-duty steel bracket includes an additional 2” receiver, which by the way, is not required for plowing. It’s nice to have the option should you need to push trailers around on the property, instead of pulling them. The included side brackets make for a hefty mounting place for a heavy plow blade and push bar.

The push bar is the “middleman” pivoting vertically between the vehicle-mounted bracket and the adjustable blade. The winch cable’s hook attaches to this bar to raise and lower the blade. For articulating the plow left and right, the driver will need to (get out and) manually pull the adjustment pin and turn the blade before dropping the pin back in place. I generally push snow to the “right” cleaning the driveway and off the road surface…or straight ahead while clearing a large parking area. Pricier commercial plow systems will have a more complicated electric/hydraulic system, which is all operated from inside the cab. This set up is simple, more affordable…and perfect for local jobs and driveways even if you have to “plow” daily all winter.

The entire KFI branded push bar and blade can be purchased from ROXOR and powersports dealers via Western Powersports Distributing. ROXOR also makes mounts for Western and Meyer plows.

The final touch is to hook the winch cable to the plow and practice raising and lowering the blade without going too high. Two recommended add-ons are the rubber “bump-stop” available from WARN Winch and a WARN Remote Control hand control. The “bumper stop” prevents the operator from raising the blade too far, while the remote makes it quicker and easier to raise/lower the blade with one finger. And to make it even easier, make sure you have the special edition ROXOR A/T with an automatic transmission.

You are now…READY…to earn hot chocolate from your very happy neighbors!! Plow away!!

There are 3 main components necessary to become plow-ready with a winch-equipped ROXOR:

  1. ROXOR-Specific Plow Adaptor for MEYER OR KFI
  2. Push bar (KFI) under $250
  3. 72” Blade (Pro-Poly Plow from KFI) run under $500.00