Mossy Oak's Off-Roading Tips

By Kevin Tate - Mossy Oak

Taking our adventures off the road and into the unpredictable and unknown is a statement of our willingness to solve any crises that may arise. Through experience, the wise four-wheel drive fan goes well equipped to do just that. Many of the tools perfectly suited to solve those problems are ideal aids in hunting situations as well.

Winch and Related Straps and Pulleys
There may be no tool so handy as a good bumper-mounted winch, simply because of the versatility it offers. From pulling big game out of ravines, across creeks and into position for processing, to hanging deer and other four-footed critters to skin, to simply loading elk, moose or other big game all in one piece through the creative placement of pulleys, the winch, certainly an off-roading necessity, can do much more than pull a stuck vehicle out of a jam.

The satellite technology that keeps four-wheelers on the right path even when there’s no path to be seen is a handy element for locating stands, plotting strategy and planning tactics. Cradle-mounted and hand-portable, today’s GPS units are elemental to hunting well and safely.

Rain Coats and Pants
Four-wheelers who pack along semi-disposable rain gear to wear as garment covers in case of mechanical trouble will want the same handy service when they’re clad in hunting gear. The scent-stopping, weather-turning technology that gives hunters their best chance when chasing game can’t work as well when it’s wearing petroleum products on the outside. Quickly covering up camo with a rain suit before addressing vehicle issues that arise is a cost-effective and hunt-effective middle step.

Sock Hats and Spare Gloves
The small comforts that make a big difference on the off-roading ride can make all the difference in the deer stand or a long stalk. Keeping spare hats and gloves handy is a must for either adventure, and one supply that easily crosses the line.

Waterless Hand Cleaner and Sanitizer
Whether the day’s adventures have found you shoveling mud and pulling a winch cable or hanging a deer and dressing game, the opportunity to wash up once you’re done is one that’s always well-appreciated. A pump of waterless hand cleaner and a squirt of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer can work wonders for morale, no matter where the day has taken you.

Magnetic Trouble Lights
The battery-powered, magnet-attachable trouble lights that are so handy for changing tires or towing a load under less-than-ideal conditions can serve a second purpose when it’s time to dress game. Much better than vehicle headlights alone, a light that can be placed to illuminate a work area chosen by you, rather than one chosen for you through the limits of where headlights can shine, can make taking the key steps from field to table all the easier.

Spare Batteries
Last but not least, a good supply of spare batteries is a must-have for any adventure afield, doubly so if you want to make the most of the handy bits of technology you’ve brought along.