By Eric Anderson

Prepping your ROXOR for the hinterlands!

How much do you pack in your ROXOR… to make you more self-sufficient off the grid? Nobody wants to get stuck “out there,” but it is amazing that adventurers don’t carry a simple “snatch strap” or a shovel in the wilderness. When off-roading you should prepare for the worst, not only for your own possible misfortunes but, more often, for others who need assistance with the smallest (or biggest) of problems.

Here is what we recommend to “rack up” your ROXOR for the hinterlands:

1. Hi-Lift Jack with Hi-Lift adjustable tube mount (TM-700) for 1” to 2” tubes.

2. Sand ladders and mounting pin kit: Try Maxtrax, a lightweight, handy off-road vehicle extraction device that fits in your ROXOR ensuring an easy way out if you encounter a boggy situation.

3. Lighting ProX T-C4H DJ Lighting C Clamp + Quick Fist: Drill and bolt together for your own(removable) shovel and ax mounts.

4. Kolpin Rhino Grips: Use to connect the rifle hard case (Boottector). Remember, always store without ammunition loaded and follow all local, state and federal laws when using and storing your firearms and ammunition.

5. For extra equipment, wooden surplus ammo or rifle crates fit the back area of a ROXOR perfectly. Store camping gear, tow ropes, first aid kits, and food inside. The wood of the boxes also dampens vibrations while preventing squeaks and rattles. These are a great way to compartmentalize your smaller gear.

Packing your ROXOR

The Roll-Over-Protection-System (ROPS) provides a nice solid mounting place for a lot of this rescue equipment. Make sure to attach equipment in a way to…

  1. Avoid catching brush and branches along the trail.
  2. Avoid protruding sharp points or edges where a person, passenger, or bystander could come in contact.
  3. Avoid injury to yourself and your passengers in the event of a Roll Over or crash.
Pro Tip: Mount the Maxtrax traction ladders and Hi-Lift jack together on one bar to save space.

When mounting longer, thinner pieces, like the Hi-Lift jack, shovel, or ax, look for longer portions of the ROPS: down tubes for 2-passenger units and back tubes for 4-passenger models.

Make sure to attach the Kolpin Rhino grips in a place where you and/or the hunter can easily and quickly access the rifle or the hard case Bootector.

If you have any questions about rackin’ up your ROXOR, feel free to reach out to the author, Eric Anderson: anderson.eric@mahindra.com.

Happy Packing!!