By Eric Anderson

The Rally on the Rocks is the second largest annual event in Moab attracting off-road enthusiasts and is where Mahindra ROXOR made its rock-riding debut this Spring. ROXOR’s big rig showed off various equipped ROXORs along with the parts, pieces, underpinnings and accessories available, while our St. George, Utah dealer, Moto Zoo, took curious, would-be buyers on two-hour rock crawling adventures nearby. Four extra units were also available for attendees to test drive on a rugged, closed course of dirt and rocks near the arena.

The Classic model of ROXOR gets put to the test on the demo track.
Rally on the Rocks in Moab, Utah - One for your Bucket List!

These red rocks have evoked a sense of mystery since the time Native Americans inhabited the cliffs and slot canyons thousands of years ago. Moab is a small town with a population under 6,000 residents, yet it attracts many visiting tourists every year, mostly to the nearby Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. The town is also a popular base for mountain bikers and off-roaders who come for the annual Moab Safari and Rally on the Rocks to test their skills on over 30 rugged, rocky trails.

The ROXOR Demo Team was there to encourage current UTV, side-by-side, and 4x4 owners to look “out-of-their-box” at this new category of off-road machine. It’s made with a steel body instead of plastic. It has a boxed, steel frame instead of tubing.

It also has a truck-style, 4-cylinder, turbo-diesel engine and a full-sized transmission in either manual or automatic. Plus, one doesn’t need to add big wheels, tires and brakes - those all come standard. Demo drivers got to experience the true meaning of TORQUE and DURABILITY as defined by Mahindra ROXOR. "I can’t believe the low gearing and torque this machine has on the rocks. It almost drives itself up these super-steep slick rock cliffs," said one driver at the demo. “I could use this on my ranch… and go crawling with it too!”

The ROXOR demos take it right down to the frame so you can see how the Torque and Durability define its soul.
ROXOR Demos Demonstrating Durability & Fun

Look for the ROXOR Demo Team at your local off-road event this season. Sign up and you can… feel the torque... feel the gearing... feel the fun and functionality too! “Get it in gear” and have a ROXOR haul you with the “guts and gumption” of the 75-year old proven legend that it is. The team offers loaner helmets and a brief orientation before letting you drive your own vehicle around the test track a few times. Moderately steep drop-offs and short hill climbs are part of the vehicle test along with some silty sections where momentum becomes your best friend… along with a good selection of gears. For those not familiar with manual transmissions, ROXOR offers an automatic transmission at demos that smooths out the rough terrain while also simplifying operation.

Our St. George, Utah, ROXOR dealer, Moto Zoo (, is an expert at rock crawling and had their ROXORs on display for everyone to see… and ride in.

Moab is an off-road mecca! One can have daytime adventures on gorgeous trails then head back late afternoon to town for a shower, nice dinner and a good night’s sleep all to do it again the next day. Trails are well marked and ranked by degree of difficulty similar to a ski slope.

It’s important to go with someone who knows the specific trail while playing “follow-the-leader” or you could quickly get in over your head.

Many trails are only for those advanced UTV, side-by-side, and 4x4 drivers with vehicles prepared for such “crawling adventures” with big wheels, hi-lift jacks, winches and recovery gear. For new-comers, there are plenty of off-road tour companies in town who can drive you out to the rocks for incredible views. Visit to learn more!

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