By Don Amador, President of Quiet Warrior Racing

Exploring the great outdoors in an off-highway vehicle (OHV) is not just another recreation activity but a lifestyle for millions of Americans. Many of us have fond memories from our youth of exploring forest roads and trails or sitting around the campfire at night eating dinner with family and friends. It is what we did and who we are.

After spending a few days out in Nevada’s backcountry for a post-Thanksgiving Day adventure driving a ROXOR on some scenic and, at times, challenging 4WD routes, I couldn’t help feel a bit nostalgic for that simpler time in my life’s off-road journey.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I spent many a day in the forest bouncing around in an old 4WD equipped with a manual transmission and a two-speed transfer case. Keeping the vehicle in the proper rpm range and gear or feathering the clutch in a difficult trail section was an important part of the experience.

In those early days, I also learned to pick the correct or smooth line on the trail so as to avoid hitting rocks and other obstacles with the front differential or getting high centered.

Traveling over 100 miles on backcountry routes in the ROXOR also reminded me of the popular phrase, “What is old is new again.” It also prompted me to ask myself the question, just what is a ROXOR?

Is it just a passing fancy for older generations to use as an affordable transport to their off-roading past? Or, is it a seminal relaunch of a proven 4WD vehicle design that comes with an updated engine, power steering, drivetrain, brakes, suspension, and safety features?

For me, ROXOR is a new and important member of the non-street legal OHV family of vehicles. It is a relevant, comfortable, and fun way to explore past memories or create new ones.

The bowl of homemade post-Thanksgiving Day turkey soup that I had after the last day of driving was also a nostalgic experience for me. It too reminded me of simpler and pleasant times.

If you get an opportunity to drive a ROXOR, you should take it. When out on the trail, don’t be surprised if warm memories are stirred and you develop a desire to relive your OHV past or chart your off-road future.

When stopped at a scenic vista, don’t forget to look in the ROXOR bed for that insulated container wherein lies that bowl of hot turkey soup. How much better can it get?

Don Amador has 28 years of experience in the field of OHV recreation management and federal, state land-use policy. Don is president of Quiet Warrior Racing/Consulting, an OHV recreation consulting company. Don is also a 2016 inductee into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.