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Its ancestors helped win wars, explore continents, and has taken its occupants around the globe. It’s not an ATV, not a side-by-side. This is truly an original off-road vehicle, with modern innovation. ROXOR carries along with it the industry’s best warranty – two years, bumper to bumper.

Invest in an industrial strength ROXOR today and make it your own. Start with the basics and build from there – any color, and whatever accessories you need for your job. Fun, work, ranching – make it yours. Stop dreaming and start building.

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ROXOR Options

These ROXOR Options are 2019 factory order options only.

EFX Tires

Specifically developed for the harsh terrain of today’s UTV race team, the MotoVator is loaded with cutting edge engineering, improved safety and top-notch performance. The MotoVator is a true radial, steel belted, puncture resistant tire, capable of high speeds on any hard pack surface. Utilizing light truck engineering, the inner and outer bead are steel belted to ensure the smoothest, quietest ride quality on the market. The unique center tread pattern provides a huge contact patch to ensure when you mash your pedal, your machine responds.

The elongated shoulder tread improves high and low speed cornering with reduced rolling resistance. As tires continue to evolve, the MotoVator is the finest UTV tire you can get for your money, hands down. This tire is 30 x 9.5 x 16 and fits the ROXOR current Steel and Aluminum wheels.

Factory Install only. Not available as an add-on accessory. EFX tires can’t be used with the plow cradles.


Finish off your ride with the custom ROXliner option, available for entire exterior or wheel wells only. The ROXOR ROXliner finished coating protects from the harsh duty your ride will take – protect your ruggedness with the ROXliner finish. Factory Install only. Not available as an add-on accessory.

*Due to the unique production process for ROXLINER, differences and variations in texture and sheen will occur. Note that these differences will also create difficulty in matching ROXLINER during the repair process, which will result in a coating mismatch.

Whole Vehicle Option

MSRP: $1659.99 USD

Wheel Wells Option

MSRP: $480.99 USD

Painted Steel Wheels

Get your ROXOR looking sharp with all-new painted wheels, custom factory installed. Available in Olive Green (PPG 920464) and Sand (PPG 953575), you will be the best dressed on the trail.

MSRP: $409.50 USD

For reference, part numbers for warranty/service concerns are:

Olive Green: 0404AUA00150N; Sand: 040AUA00160N

Stop dreaming and start building

Hunt like a pro

Bring your perfect off-roader into the woods for the ultimate hunt. Even the keenest future trophy won’t know you’re there. Start with the right camo wrap – RealTree or Mossy Oak. If you want to go all in, cover the grill in a perfect-fit, perfect-match orange, black or camo. Bolt on those Rhino Grips to secure your weapon and get out there. Be sure to send us your best trophy picture.

Build It Here

Play in your favorite sandbox

Make your ROXOR ready for the offroad excitement a trek through the dunes can deliver. Climb the sandhills with ease, but make sure your ride is tricked out perfectly. Add the heavy-duty steel stinger bar kit, complete with mounting plate and fasteners. And don’t forget the Warn locking hubs – you can flat tow this baby wherever you want to go!

Build It Here

All the bells and whistles

Just want to be the envy of everyone? Build your ROXOR up to premium status. Alum steel BFG tires, Alum/BFG spare, Windshield, Soft enclosure, Uplevel bumper w/winch, Side and rearview mirrors, KC 40” LED light bar, Hood stripe, Grab handles, Pintle ball-hitch, and an Embossed vanity plate. Finish? No way…there’s more. Build it up and dress it out.

Build It Here

The Nugent

Want to know how the Motor City Madman enjoys the outdoors? Build your ROXOR just like his. The Ted Nugent ROXOR starts with custom-wrap body, HD Bumper with a Warn Winch and D Ring Mounts, a Hardtop, Windshield, four Kolpin Rhino grips, a 40" KC Light Bar, Spare Tire Kit, and Grab Handles. As always, the core is the same, exactly like Uncle Ted… steel body, steel boxed frame, legendary simplicity. Respect the environment and get offroad.

Build It Here

Vehicle Specs

  • Wheelbase
  • 96"
  • Base Curb Weight
  • 3035 lbs
  • Length
  • 148" (w/ spare 156”)
  • Width
  • 62"
  • Height
  • 75"
  • Ground Clearance
  • 9"
  • Fuel Capacity
  • 12 gal
  • Rear Payload Capacity
  • 349 lbs
  • Towing Capacity
  • 3490 lbs
  • Person Capacity
  • 2
  • Type
  • Turbo Diesel m2DiCR
  • Cylinders
  • 4 - 4stroke Compression Ign
  • Displacement
  • 2.5L / 152 cu. In.
  • Bore & Stroke
  • 88.9 x 101.6mm
  • Power
  • 62 HP @ 3200 rpm
  • Torque
  • 144 ft lbs @ 1400-2200 rp
  • Compression Ratio
  • 18.6 : 1
  • Cooling System
  • Liquid
  • Fuel System
  • Direct Injection
  • Transmission
  • 5 spd manual
  • Transfer Case
  • 2 Spd manual
  • Driveline
  • 2wd / 4wd
  • Full Floating Front Axle
  • 3.73 : 1
  • Full Floating Rear Axle
  • 3.73 : 1
  • Chassis Type
  • Boxed Steel Frame
  • Front Suspension
  • Rigid Leaf Spring w/ Stabilizer Bar
  • Rear Suspension
  • Leaf Spring w/ Shock Absorbers
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Double Acting Hydraulic
  • Dual Hydraulic Vac Assist
  • Std
  • Parking Brake
  • Std
  • Front Brakes
  • 11" Disc
  • Rear Brakes
  • 11" Drum
  • Steering
  • Hydraulic Pwr
  • Instrumentation
  • Single Gauge
  • Lighting / Headlights
  • Halogen
  • Battery
  • 72Ah / 12v
  • Alternator
  • 45 to 90 Amps
  • Power Port 12v
  • std
  • Storage
  • 2 seat boxes
  • Seating
  • 2
  • Tires
  • 235 / 70R16
  • Wheels / Steel
  • 16" - 5 x 5.5 lug
  • Wheels / Aluminum (Optional)
  • 16" - 5 x 5.5 lug
  • Carbon Black
  • Urethane
  • Classic White
  • Urethane
  • Fire Orange
  • Urethane
  • Tahoe Blue
  • Urethane
  • Custom
  • over 400 custom colors available, see your local ROXOR dealer
  • Max Speed
  • 55 MPH
  • Max Towing Speed
  • 15 MPH
  • Flat Tow Speed
  • 55 MPH *flat towing only with installed locking hub kit
  • Country of Assembly
  • USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the speed limited to 55 mph?
Because ROXOR is not street legal Mahindra felt that 55 mph was a suitable speed limit given how most consumers are likely to be using the vehicle.
What is ROXOR’s fuel economy?
We have averaged 32 to 34 mpg in testing and a range of over 350 Miles. Your mileage will vary depending upon speed and road conditions.
Why is GVWR  (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) so low?
The EPA off-road recreational vehicle regulations under which the ROXOR is authorized to be manufactured and sold impose restrictions and limits on topics such as weights and capacities.
Why isn’t there a PTO or dump box available?
The base unit and Limited Edition launch models are more focused to recreational use. More work-oriented accessories will be available in the future.
Why does ROXOR have a straight front axle and not Independent Front Suspension (IFS)?
ROXOR’s more durable (and affordable design) utilizes simpler and more proven, reliable, mechanical components with fewer moving parts. There is less to go wrong on a ROXOR…and if something does, it’s easier to repair on the trail.
Why is ROXOR’s towing capacity greater than other UTVs?
ROXOR’s beefier boxed steel frame, automotive-sized transmission, bigger wheels and brakes plus a torquey 4-cylinder, turbo-diesel engine enables it to pull more than smaller 2-cylinder powered UTVs